Helping companies hire the best IV Infotainment talent for their IVI team.
With the growing demand for luxurious, safe, and smart vehicles, automotive manufacturers are increasingly developing automobiles with integrated infotainment systems that provide a combination of entertainment and information for an enhanced in-vehicle experience. With this growth comes a demand for skilled IVI experts across the globe and this is where the Nicier way can help.

Discover the Nicier way

Nicier are recruitment search and selection specialists and headhunters covering IVI components including: Hardware, Software, HUDs, Audio, Video, Navigation, Touchscreens, Bluetooth, USB and Radio. We deliver bespoke automotive recruitment, spanning everything from engineering roles through to board level directors and management while encompassing all job roles within the broader IVI and automotive sectors in permanent, interim and temporary roles

Our CRM and in-depth social media coverage make us very well connected and positioned to be your recruitment search and selection partner of choice when seeking hard to source IVI applicants. Nicier means working on retained positions for your benefit and we would relish the opportunity of discussing your IVI roles and needs in the depth they deserve. Nicier are motivated to deliver what you're looking for when you need those hard to fill IVI positions filled. We are equally happy to help out when you are contemplating hiring someone and you simply want some discrete professional off the record type advice. We’re happy to help you. Please contact us to discuss.

Be assured of dealing with a relaxed and professional consultancy who put your IVI requirements first, using our unique expertise in an industry that simply demands the best! Nicier possesses a strong background in F1, Motorsports, Motorcycle manufacturing & Motorcycle racing. Our heritage spans over 30 years in the Search and Selection industry and our services have been used by leading names throughout the world.

We are trusted and have gained a reputation as skilled, discrete recruitment search and selection consultants, with an organised positive consultative can do attitude, and no hard sell.